Sunday 6 July 2014

Rohinton Nariman

My good friend, Mr. Rohinton Nariman, son of Mr. Fali Nariman, senior advocate, Supreme Court, is taking oath as a Supreme Court Judge tomorrow ( 7.7.2014) morning. Both Mr. Fali Nariman and Rohinton are eminent lawyers of the Supreme Court.

Perhaps a fact little known to many is that Rohinton is not only an eminent lawyer, he is also an ordained Parsi priest, who can perform Parsi marriages, navjot ceremony for Parsi children, enter the sanctum sanctorum, and do everything a Parsi priest can do.

When Rohinton was 12 years old he was sent to the Parsi priests school, where he had to stay for 28 days in the agiari ( the fire temple), in seclusion and was not allowed to meet anyone or talk to anyone. He had to pray 5 times a day and memorize the 72 chapters of the Zendavesta, the Parsi holy book. Then at the end of his training he had to recite from the Zendavesta for 3 hours in the presence of his family members, Parsi priests, etc. It was only then that he was declared a Parsi priest.

I am sure he will be as outstanding as a Judge as he was as a lawyer

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  1. The selection of nariman shows there is some recognition of merit and reward for brilliance in judicial system. The trend of choosing such advocates must continue in coming days.