Tuesday 3 March 2015

Ban on Beef

I condemn the beef ban in Maharashtra.
I do not ordinarily eat beef out of respect for the feelings of my wife and other relatives, who are religious. But I have eaten beef in the past, and see nothing wrong in it. I may again eat beef if the occasion so arises
 Much of the world eats beef. Are they all wicked people ? In fact people in some parts of India eat beef, e.g. in many North Eastern states as it provides cheap protein.
 Those who raise a hue and cry against cow slaughter are not at all bothered by the suffering of tens of thousands of cows which are not properly fed. I have seen cows eating refuse and garbage. I have seen cows so thin that their ribs are protruding out of their flesh. But nobody is bothered about their suffering.
 I am more Hindu than these so called champions of Hinduism, who really know nothing about the great Hindu intellectualism of the past, but only know how to whip up communal hatred.
 I have studied, and truly represent, the great Hindu intellectual tradition ( see my article ' Sanskrit as a language of Science ' on my blog justicekatju.blogspot.in and the website kgfindia.com ).


  1. I really admire your honesty and courage in admitting publicly in India that you had eaten beef an would not mind eating it in future too!

    In my home state Kerala, there is no ban on beef and people there regardless of their religious affiliation do consume beef. There are as many beef eaters there as there are non-beef eaters. I know personally many upper caste Hindus including Brahmins who eat beef there together with their lower caste and non-Hindu beef eaters. At the same time I also know several low caste and non-Hindu vegans as well. My father, for instance, was a strict vegetarian and a Sanskrit / Hindi proponent, though a Christian by faith. But he never forced us or any in the family to follow his principles or habits.

    I live in a north Indian state and people do consume beef as a source of meat. Here people whether Hindu or non-Hindu are predominantly non-vegetarians. Regardless of their social standing and caste affiliations, in several Hindu families, the women folk do not cook non-veg at home though there men folk are very fond of the same. In marriage parties and in other social get together parties, people curse the organizers if the food served is only veg!

    Eating non-veg or drinking alcohol are all linked to various kinds of religious beliefs and customs in India. Every day of the week is a fasting day or a vegan day for at least a few people based on their family customs and traditions! I have heard even such people privately admitting their adventures with beef eating!

    As Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had pointed out in his famous book-Discovery of India- Indians are essentially cowards and they all prefer to stay safe by playing safe by hiding their fears and prejudices. They prefer to go by the majority opinion always hiding their own convictions or feelings because of their fears.

    Now coming to the cow slaughter ban in Maharashtra and the penal provisions for beef eating. No doubt, it is an attempt for some political mileage by exploitation of peoples sentiments! Whether people eat or not eat beef, there would definitely be economic pressure on the rural folks who keep cattle for a living. The economic burden on these rural folks to get rid of their non-yielding cattle would be tremendous. If the law is aggressively followed, people may even stop cattle rearing!

    And that is not a good thing to happen!

    1. Mr. Mathew, you are hopeless and your fellow christian, Kurian Varghese is responsible for poisoning entire India with his imported cattle breeds. The poisonous A1 Milk from these KURIAN COWS will cause premature death. Your beloved west has switched to DESI-A2 Cow Milk and also JESUS was a vegetarian.

    2. But how come the vegans be so aggressive in thoughts? But then this is what Yudhishtira learnt from the Rishi according to the Mahabharatha:
      about non-vegetarianism-as explained in the Mahabharat

  2. Validating slaughter as a means to take care of unyielding cattle is perhaps misleading. Can we take the same logic to human beings?

    1. Human beings share several biologic similarities with higher animals, but even then humans are some thing very different and superior to animals and plants.

      The nature supports the theory of food chain. In the animal kingdom, there are pure carnivores , pure herbivores and many other types which all have differing food habits. The carnivores kill and eat others including their own types. Since they kill others for eating, could we say that God (or Nature) had created them by mistake?
      All links in the food chain are essential to keep the nature's balance. Disturbing that balance would disturb nature. Invariably that would affect every one adversely at some point of time!
      Man is different from animals because man has a mind with advanced intelligence, wisdom, advanced communication and also a mind that is curious and creative. Man also has some transcendental mind states that instigate some sentimental feelings including the sentiment of worshiping his invisible Creator. But man is also required not to live according to his sentiments alone. He has to master his earthly abode by using his wisdom.
      Unfortunately, for many people, it poses a big challenge which they refuse to undertake!

    2. Had human beings been carnivores, nature would have also provided humans the ability to tear apart the raw flesh and digest it. Wisdom applied in wrong direction by humans only accelerates the rate of devastation of nature and compromises with its ability to regain the ecological balance. No doubt, ecological balance is severely disturbed at present by shear neglect of higher wisdom provided to humans, who prefer satisfying their animal instinct over and above the godly wisdom. We should condemn the cruelty meted out to hapless animals in slaughter houses rather than wrongly supporting it in the name protection of nature.

    3. Man is different from animals that is why it maintains slaughter houses with animals in horrible conditions. What kind of food chain BALANCE man is maintaining in the slaughterhouses with millions of animals kept in slaughter houses. tHIS TREND IS ACTUALLY HAZARDOUS FOR AGRICULTURE.

  3. Mr. Katju, please go through the ancient Indian history and not the poison injected by the White Invaders Scriptures. Ancient India was 100 % Vegetarian. Go ahead and gladly consume KURIAN Beef (Holstein Jersey and other Non-desi breeds). They have a special protein for people like you.

  4. Dear Sir,
    I differ in opinion to your following para :
    "Those who raise a hue and cry against cow slaughter are not at all bothered by the suffering of tens of thousands of cows which are not properly fed. I have seen cows eating refuse and garbage. I have seen cows so thin that their ribs are protruding out of their flesh. But nobody is bothered about their suffering."

    There are so many peoplewe see who are so thin that their ribs are protruding out of their flesh, same is true for many malnourished children as well.
    Now does that mean that we should start killing them & eat their flesh as well; with due consideration to their suffering ???

  5. justice katju you should eat 10 cows and drink there blood in a day then you may probably call your self a proud intellectual hindu...what a thought you have given in your blog......