Tuesday 31 March 2015

Burqa and oral talaq

In my previous post all I said was that those who support  burqa or hijab and oral talaq should unfollow me and go to some other fb page where they are comfortable.. I did not tell anyone not to wear burqa or say oral talaq. Do wear burqa and say oral talaq as much as you like. My only request is please do not come to my fb page. Was that asking too much ? After all, it is my fb page, not anyone else's.

 But look at the torrent of ot abuses I got. Many comments called me mentally sick. Many asked how such a person like me could become a Judge ? Some asked whether I preferred women going about nude or in a bikini ( as if wearing a sari or salwar kameez is going about nude or in a bikini ). Many comments were so filthy that I cannot even mention them, and I had to delete them. I have preserved one sample given below :

"  dear markandey katju u are a dog I learn it by reading ur comment I would like to give u a n example which choclate would u like to eat one which is without cover or other having cover ofcoursecwd cover its same like this is the order of almighty god for women to cover their chastity because god knows there r open and besharam dog like u "


  1. Maximal indians are foolish,
    everyone has right to express anything,it is thought of personal.
    if anyone disagree they may go to court .
    it is right way,
    i always support katju sir.
    burqa is superstition in our society,like as worship of stone.

  2. The guy is so stupid to compare women to consumable goods and thinks that they are as brain dead as him that they can not decide on what is good for them!!!

  3. when r these muslims grow up.most of them r semi-literate and their language was cheap,i do apologise on their part. koran says just cover oneself decently,more precisely to cover one's bossom.it didn't say one has to cover face or hands.i believe those which are beyond the above are cultural things and not Islamic, which r imposed by male chuvanist.as a means of suppressing womens.

  4. Surely women can make up their own minds without pandits and mullahs and brain dead MCP male chauvinist pigs telling them what to wear. Keep up the good work judge.