Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Feudal Filth

I regard all comments supporting or approving of burqa or hijab, and even comments that women should have a choice of wearing it or not,  and comments supporting oral talaq, as anti-Indian feudal filth and stinking and nauseating garbage, which has to be removed from my facebook page.
 So please be sure that the moment such comment is posted it will be deleted and you will be blocked, as has already been done in a large number of cases.
 Why don't such people go to some other facebook page where you will be more comfortable. ? After all, no one invited you here.


  1. not just a british agent, he was a hardcore womanizer. he initiated islamic knilaphat in India. he favoured islamists over Hindu interests. he is cause of partition, but favoured muzzis living in India. i have lost huge property due to improper partition. partition should have been done by exchanging property systematically. why call him mahatma and father of nation?


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  2. The dress code you mentioned is regressiuve and vile