Sunday 8 November 2015

Bihar Elections

Alexander the Great set out from Macedonia ( north of Greece ) to conquer the whole world. In 326 B.C.he invaded western India, defeated King Porus, and reached well east of Amritsar 

There he was informed that there is a Bihari called Chandragupta ( called Sandracottus by Greek and Roman historians ) who will give him such a thrashing if he advances any further that he will forget all his victories. This information so scared the daylight out of him that he forgot his ambition of world conquest, tucked in his tail and ran back for his dear life.

When Biharis can so terrify and scare the wits out of a great conqueror like Alexander the Great just by their awesome reputation, and make him run for his life without even fighting him, what chance did that fake, who regarded himself another Alexander, have against Biharis ?

Hari Om


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  3. When Alexander invaded indian subcontinent is ruled by mahapadma nanda not Chandragupta. Only after 2 years later Chandra gupta captured throne.