Monday 9 November 2015

India's Future

The winter session of Parliament has been announced to last from 26th November to 23rd December.

 But it will almost certainly be washed out, as the monsoon session was, with no business being transacted. Thereafter the budget session will also be washed out, and so on. Budgets will now be passed by Ordinances.

In fact, as I had said earlier, all state institutions in the country have collapsed, while our socio-economic problems ( unemployment, price rise, etc ) are mounting and thereforer India is now inevitably heading for fascism, and then a revolution


  1. एक बात ये हे की मान गए मार्केण्डय काटजू जी क्या बात हे इतने बड़े देश में लाखो पत्रकारों विश्लेषकों के बीच सिर्फ काटजू जी ही थे जिन्होंने बिहार में भाजपा के सूपड़ा साफ़ होने की साफ़ साफ़ भविष्यवाणी कर दी थी जबकि हर कोई या तो मोदी की जीत या कांटे की टक्कर की बात कर रहा था भई मान गए

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  3. The most collapsed institution is the Supreme Court of India, which has arrogated to itself the right to appoint its own judges, completely unaccountable to the people. Any such arrangement is a recipe for corruption and abuse of power. The Supreme Court and its crazy reasoning stand in complete contrast to all other civilized democracies - ie. democracies whose institutions have not collapsed, unlike India's. USA, Britain, France, Canada, Australia, Germany are just a few democracies which I can name, which require judges to be selected by the elected representatives of the country. Separation of powers and judicial independence can never amount to a justification of autarchy.

    Speak out against the Supreme Court, if you have any courage, Mr Katju!
    I await your response, sir!