Monday 2 November 2015

Nothing wrong in eating beef or pork

At Qatar I also said that there is nothing wrong in eating beef ( cow meat ) or pork, and I have myself eaten them several times, wherever legally permitted.

 As regards beef, most of the world eats it ( Americans, Europeans, Arabs, Africans, Japanese, Australians, Thais, and many of our own countrymen like people of the North East, Bengalis, Goans, Keralites, etc ). So are they all wicked people, and we Hindus alone are sadhu-sants  ? To call a cow ' gomata' ( mother cow ) is nonsense. How can an animal be a mother of a human being ? And people also drink milk of goats, buffaloes, yaks, camels, etc. Are they all our mothers ?

 Moreover, most cows are driven out when they cannot produce milk and left to starve or eat garbage on streets etc.Do you drive your mother out and leave her to starve when she is old ? Is death by starvation not cow slaughter ? The cow lovers are not bothered about that.

 As regards pork, Islam rightly banned it at a time when there were no modern dairies with proper hygiene and sanitation, and pigs ate filth which could cause diseases like tape worm etc if one ate its flesh. But now there are modern dairies and the pigs are bred in a clean environment. I myself have been eating ham and bacon, which i enjoy, for over 50 years, but have never got tape worm or any other disease by it.

 I am not compelling anyone to eat beef or pork. But i see nothing wrong in eating it


  1. YES Nothing wrong in eating beef or pork (or) eating any non-veg is wrong.
    Most people are neither bothered. This is just Politics.
    If no one discuss nor mind, it will automatically become immaterial.

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  3. Scientifically human beings are higher evolved animals that are omnivorous [(capable of digesting both food from plant source ( seeds, leaves, fruits, etc) and animal sources ( meat, milk, eggs, etc)] by nature. In a similar way there are animals, birds and fish that are either herbivorous (only plant eating) or carnivorous (only meat eating).
    But unlike animals, humans have also got higher mind capacities for higher thinking and independent decision making. Thus humans have the capacity to decide what to eat . In a similar way humans also got the capacity to either be friendly or hostile to other humans for various reasons of their own choice. So they will keep finding some reason or the other for being friendly or hostile! There is nothing surprising in this as it is part of the natural process of human evolutionary progress.
    If you are for eating beef you can find many reasons and if you are not, then also you can find many reasons. Humans just cannot be a homogeneous friendly group because every individual human is different so long as they are in the phase of evolutionary progress.Incidentally this is what I have to say about beef eating!

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