Sunday 8 November 2015

Diwali is on 11th November.
I appeal to all non Hindus to light some diyas on that date and place them inside and outside your houses.
 This does not mean you leave your own religion and get converted to Hinduism. It just means showing respect and solidarity with your Hindu brothers and sisters, just as one day roza by non Muslims in Ramzan, for which I had appealed, and which was observed by many non Muslims ( including myself and many non Muslims in America ) showed respect by non Muslims for their Muslim brothers and sisters, and solidarity with them.
This will be another anti-dote to neutralize the communal poison which was injected into our body politic, first by the Britishers, and after 1947 by some vested interests

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  1. It's a lovely idea and I do it every year (I am not a Hindu) ever since I read that the symbolism behind it is to invite "Light" into your home .. this can mean different things to each of us - inviting a goddess, or happiness or wealth, whatever! The beauty is in the symbolism and I light my diyas to remind myself that I want to invite the light of knowledge and truth into my home. It doesn't have to be only for Hindus, and it doesn't mean that we are going against other religions by lighting a diya because what would matter to any god is the person's "niyath" or intention. It is also a sweet way to show our fellow Indians that we join in their spirit of celebration.