Saturday 21 November 2015

Commission needed

Almost all Indian politicians are ‘goondas’ and gangsters. They remind me of the American Mafia, the only difference being that the American Mafia are small fries compared to our politicians.

Like the American Mafia, our politicians are hell bent on amassing wealth by hook or crook (more often by crook) and I wish them happy hunting.

However, I have an advice to give to our politicians, which may benefit them enormously, if heeded.

In the early 20th century the American Mafia leaders were fighting with each other, as a result of which ‘business’ (i.e. manufacture and sale of alcohol, which had been made illegal by the Prohibition law, gambling, prostitution, racketeering, murder of ‘undesirables’, narcotics etc.) suffered a lot.

Then in 1931, a mafia leader called Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano had a brilliant idea. He told the other mafia leaders that fighting each other was bad for business. So he proposed a body called the ‘Commission’ consisting of some top mafia leaders whose job would be to peacefully settle disputes between the mafia families.

I propose that a similar body be set up in India too for our politicians.

At present, much of the time spent by our politicians is on fighting each other. This way ‘business’ (i.e. looting the country, polarising society on caste and religious lines, etc.) suffers a lot.

Let a ‘commission’ be set up by our politicians (the membership and modalities can be worked out once the principle is agreed upon). This way disputes can be settled quietly and confidentially, instead of in the public gaze. The commission should also have power to authorise (as the American Mafia Commission has) of bumping off inconvenient politicians and other public figures, and persons who talk too much of rationalism, secularism, freedom of speech,  and against politicians  (like this humble self),.


  1. Sir, Don't you think all this fighting in public by Politicians is a TAMASHA to fool the people and keep them thinking how serious they are about the topic while behind closed doors, they are all happily engaged with each other for common loot of public. Such commission would have only worked had these politicians even an iota of 'Desh bhakti' and larger common interest in focus. This can come only thru a new Political Alternative led by someone with a 'Juno' to change the system. Which is where AAP comes in. It may be floundering in some aspects (as any new start up usually does), but if they are able to gather & manage themselves in the Longer run, we do have hope. People are ready to give a chance to such alternatives, they did in Delhi and soon, it may happen elsewhere too. This success is indigestible and non-conducive to existing players, especially the current regime, who have a bigger agenda of pushing INDIA back to medieval ages, and hence their umpteen attempts to create problems for Delhi Government on regular basis.

    I am sure you might not agree with my assessment for AAP, but i know one thing for sure that a 'A Man with money is no Match against a Man on A Mission'.

    1. Kenalkan nama saya Pak ,Beny Sutomo betul-betul mengakui bahwa ramalan AKI SAIF bener-bener top dan di jamin “JITU” 100% tembus adapun ramalan ini di dapat melalui “RITUAL KHUSUS” jadi anda jangan ragu-ragu lagi untuk mengikuti ritual AKI SAIF karena nomor ritual AKI SAIF meman selalu tepat dan terbukti, jika anda mau bukti bukan rekayasa silahkan HUBUNGI/SMS di ((( 081355048468))) dan cukup bergabung dengan AKI SAIF untuk menyelesaikan syaratnya anda sudah bisa mendapatkan angka 2D 3D 4D yang bisa merubah nasib anda sekeluarga karna saya sudah membuktikanya 3X putaran bener-bener langsung tembus dan kini sekarang giliran anda Semua untuk membuktikan Trima Kasih.

  2. Katju,
    I agree that mafia in US are small fry compared to Indian mafia, who are directly involved in politics. Likewise, our Indian judges are small fry compared to US judges, who are far more educated and enlightened than India's uneducated, superficial judges. American nationalism is the basis for its strong civics, and unfortunately Indian nationalists are always under attack by the "sekoolar" mafia - I say this as an atheist, myself.

  3. By the way, US mobster Lucky Luciano's "Commission" was no different than "Mahagathbandhan" proposed by thug Lalu Prasad Yadav and his new partner in crime Nitish Kumar. Different countries, same idea. Biharis have voted to shoot themselves in the foot, and truly their state deserves to be partitioned further, in order to allow the regressive people to live among those who share their regressive views, while those with more progressive views can live separately and lead more fruitful lives.

  4. Is judiciary not responsible? Bail should not be given when life sentence or national interest asks. Why in 2g bails were given, why in justice shamita Mukherjee bail was given so quickly? Whenever big corrupt come does judiciary not bend backward to hear and give bail. What did you as sc judge and Delhi high court chief justice do regarding out of turn bail to rich corrupt politicians?

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