Thursday 5 November 2015

The rising intolerance in India

Saw a programme on a T.V. channel in which some of he panellists were saying that intolerance was going on in India since decades, so why this hue and cry now ? It is because of political motives, according to these panellists.

 It is true that intolerance is nothing new, but the point is that it has recently been intensified in India.
 The reason for this is that the contradictions in India have sharpened lately. Take a single factor. The prices of essential foodstuffs have gone through the roof, e.g. dal selling at Rs.200 a kilo, onions too expensive, etc.

  Incomes are relative to the price index. For instance, suppose a man was earning Rs.20,000 a month. Now if prices double and he keeps earning Rs.20,000 a month, in fact he is earning Rs.10,000 a month. In other words, his real income has halved.

 This is naturally causing tremendous discontent in the masses, coupled with other factors like rising unemployment, lack of healthcare etc.

 This popular discontent in the Indian masses makes them turn to popular agitations, and to divert attention from them the rulers resort to fanning communal hatred and intolerance.

 One may recall that in Germany when popular discontent mounted due to the inflation and high unemployment in the 1920s and early 1930s the Nazis whipped up hatred of Jews who became a scapegoat, and it was propagated by Hitler, Goebbels and others that the Jews were responsible for all the problems in Germany


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  2. Intolerance by those in the government publicly makes all the differences. I have never heard a Minister saying 'go to Pakistan/haraamzada/drown in the sea etc' to any community before.

    1. Never heard of the comment if a big tree falls earth shakes to Delhi riots by then PM? Never heard of emergency? Never heard of Kashmiri Pandits killed in what is the worst communal pogrom since partion by a big margin? Then you need to go to Pakistan only.

  3. Yes, intolerance has, to some degree or other, always been present. The difference now is the studied silence of those elected to government. Senior leaders of the party in power, all the way up to the top, appear reluctant to condemn those responsible for premeditated acts of violence that are clearly targeted at particular minority communities. Worse, such mealy mealy-mouthed words of comfort they they do offer are often drowned out by messages of explanation rather than anger.

    What's changed may not be the level of intolerance but the propensity of the authorities, and especially the party in power at the centre, to tolerate the slide into communal and sectarian discord and violence.

  4. Great said. I am not criticizing but all people in India have to try to change this together.@professional resume writing service

  5. Agree but not completely My Lord!
    Intolerance is not a new thing. Similarly, rising prices of commodities is also not new.
    The political parties, specially the filling party always created such an environment where people tend to forget the actual issues.
    Now this is the high time to change/ amend the rules. So every Indian should get equal right and liberty. No separate gender, cast, religion based rules any further. Criminal is criminal be it a lady, man, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, SC, ST, OBC, Forward class, backside or upside. Irrespective.