Sunday 29 November 2015

Sangeeta Kalia

I spoke telephonically with Sangeeta Kalia a short while back. I told her that she is a brave and honest officer, and all right minded people in the country support her, and condemn that Minister who behaved like a goonda and humiliated her. I told her I will help her in every way I can, and so will all right minded persons, so she she should not feel dejected.

 I informed her of my decision in the Supreme Court in R.S. Singh vs. U.P. Malaria Nirikshak Sangh, 2011 ( see online ) in which I and my sister Justice Gyansudha Misra  observed: '  The senior officials too have their self-respect, and if the Court gives them respect they in turn will respect the Court. Respect begets respect.'.

 Evidently most politicians nowadays lack the culture to understand this.

I have invited Sangeeta to meet me at my residence for a cup of tea whenever she finds time. She is a young upright officer, and we must not allow her to be demoralized


  1. The spate between the Minister and the IPS officer is a matter of discipline, not discrimination. An IPS officer whether male or a female, high caste or low caste, is an officer bound with the duties assigned. How do we want a Government to go on - through the leaders we elect or through the bureaucrats appointed to assist the leaders?