Wednesday 18 November 2015

What should our attitude be towards religion ?

It should be :
1. To firmly uphold the right of everyone to freely profess and practice his/her religion
2. To simultaneously propagate patiently the idea among the people that all religions are superstitions and irrational, which may have served a useful role in society at one stage of its historical development, but today are outdated, and must be replaced by science, which is no doubt constantly developing, but represents the truth.


  1. I agree. But I think proselytization should be banned or at least seriously discouraged. Any change of religion i.e. conversion should be purely voluntary and not due to propaganda or inducement or pressure (let alone force and atrocities) by the religionists concerned.

    1. i am respectfully disagree with you comment and i believe religion is not which we got from our family at the time of birth its a practice which should follow in our life however every religion have some good practice and some bad practices that's the only reason of existence of multiple religion today.
      Thus, proselytization should allow only for adults.

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