Sunday 22 May 2016

Bangladeshi immigration into Assam

The previous post drew flak to me from many Muslims because I advocated a Uniform Civil Code in India and abolition of burqa and oral talaq.

 Now I am sure this post will draw flak to me by many Hindus. But that does not matter. I am not in a popularity contest.

 Most of the Bangladeshis who migrate to Assam are very poor people who think they have better opportunities in Assam to make a livelihood. They do not migrate to make Assam a Muslim majority state.

 Normally, nobody likes to leave his home region. But if it becomes very difficult to survive there, he may have to do it. For instance, many Europeans migrated to America from the 17th to the early 20th centuries for various reasons. Irishmen migrated because of the famines in Ireland, and persecution of Catholics by the British rulers. Germans, Russians migrated because jobs were available in large numbers in USA because of its rapid industrialization. Jews migrated to avoid pogroms, like those in Russia etc.

 Similarly, the poor people in Bangladesh migrate to Assam purely for economic reasons, in other words, to survive and get a livelihood. It has nothing to do with religion.

 Evidently a huge propaganda campaign was launched that Bangladeshi immigration is due  to religious reasons, and to make Assam a Muslim majority state, and this propaganda led to the election landslide results.

 Even if it is true that the percentage of Muslims in Assam has risen, this is because of greater poverty among Muslims. Poor people have more children, because there is little investment in the children, and from an early age, even in childhood, the boy/girl starts earning. Hence to curtail population growth there is only one method, that is, to raise the standard of living of people.

 The new CM elect of Assam, Mr. Sonowal, has said that he will erect a barrier within two years to stop Bangladeshi immigration. But how can this really be done ? The boundary will alwqys remain porous. Even a highly industrialized state like USA could not prevent large scale illegal immigration by Mexicans above the border..

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