Wednesday 25 May 2016

A message from Pakistan

I received this fb message just now from a person ( a Muslim ) in Pakistan. I have not mentioned his name as I have not yet got consent  from him for this, though I have asked for it.

Sir I  agree with you......
I am a Pakistani .......
Mujhe khud aisa lagta hai ki ek din india aur pakistan ek ho jayenge
yahan sirf main hi naheen, but most log aisa he boolte hean aur sochte hain
Mai ek aam Pakistani hoon...
Mujh se ap Pak ke bare me kuch bhi pooch sakte ho
apne articles ke liye
This shows that my idea of reunification of India and Pakistan is gradually being accepted, not only in India but also among many Pakistanis.
 Satyamev Jayate. Truth has great power. Today many things I say may not be accepted by many people as they are totally new, and may even sound shocking to many. But if they are true, one day what I say will be accepted by the vast majority.

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