Sunday 29 May 2016

Next Punjab government will be an AAP government.

I rarely go out, but today early morning I went for swimming. I used to swim a lot in my younger days, and know many of the swimming strokes e.g crawl, breast stroke, butterfly stroke, back stroke, etc. Now that I am old, I do it rarely, but enjoy it whenever I do. It is wonderful exercise and I recommend it to all of you especially youngsters.
After swimming I went to Saravana Bhavan at Connaught Place to have some breakfast. It is a south Indian restaurant, one of a world wide chain. I remember I had been to a Saravana restaurant in California last year.
As a Judge I hardly ever went to CP, although it was just a few miles from my official residence on Akbar Road, where I lived for several years.
There was a huge crowd in front of the CP restaurant, waiting for their number to get in. One has to register for getting a table and there is a long waiting time. After getting inside with a friend, I went to a table for two, and ordered cold coffee with ice-cream and butter masala dosa. The dosa was huge and crisp and delicious to eat.
An elderly Sikh couple were sitting at a table next to mine. I did not know them, but the Sikh gentleman, a retired banker, who is from Chandigarh, recognized me and we started talking. I told them that I have been to Punjab several times lately, and found things very bad. There were farmer suicides, wide spread drug addiction, huge corruption etc. (about which I had mentioned in my speech at Chandigarh which is on YouTube). I said that there is massive support of AAP in Punjab. Many people there told me that they had tried governments of Congress and Akali Dal, and found both useless and corrupt. So this time they will vote for 'jhadoo'. He agreed with me, and said that the next Punjab government will be an AAP government.

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