Friday 6 May 2016

Invitation to speak in JNU

A student of JNU telephoned me just now and asked me to address the students of JNU on any day.

 I said that I can come, but on the condition that the students hear me patiently without interruption for some time, and then they can put any questions.But I will not attend a panel discussion
 Also, the JNU students association must pass a resolution inviting me. I do not want any controversy that only one section of students have invited me, while others have not.

 If invited, I intend to begin my speech by saying that JNU is a highly overrated institution, and I have a poor opinion about it, and students like Kanhaiya, etc.

Of course the students of JNU know how to shout 'halla bol', 'azadi', etc, but there is no deep scientific analysis of the country's problems and how to solve them.. It reminds me of a line in Shakespeare's Macbeth ' It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing '.

Some JNU students are regarded great orators and revolutionaries, but if after hearing them  one asks what is the substance of what they have said one finds it was all empty froth.

The main problems of the country are socio-economic---massive poverty, massive unemployment, massive malnutrition, massive lack of healthcare and good education, etc. What is the solution offered to solve these massive problems by Kanhaiya and the other 'heroes' of JNU? It is zero.

 So if invited I will dwell on these issues and present my solutions.

 Let us see whether the invitation comes at all..

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