Saturday 7 May 2016

What I intend to speak in JNU

If invited to JNU ( and I hope I will), some of the topics on which  I intend to speak will be as follows :
1. How to abolish India's poverty, unemployment, etc. Economic theory
2. What is India
4. Religion
5. Indian politicians and Indian politics
6. Arvind Kejriwal
7.Islam, Sharia and burqa
8. Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose and Tagore
9. Science, natural and social.
10. Indian culture, Sanskrit and Urdu
11. The writing of Indian history
12. JNU, Kanhaiya, etc
13. India's future. The transitional age
14. Kashmir
15. Pakistan

I may also speak on some other topics

 Since this is a vast canvas, I may require upto 2 hours for my speech ( during which there should be no interruption ), after which there can be a 2 hour question answer session, in which there can be a free discussion, and I can be criticized. Since this may last upto 4 hours, I request the organizers to start the programme punctually at 4 p.m.

Many of the above topics have already been discussed on my blog, but I will elaborate and clarify further

I am awaiting the invitation. I will be contacted sometime in the evening, as I was told.
It should be a colourful evening
 For further details contact Sunny Dhiman on his mobile 9873732566

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