Wednesday 4 May 2016

The false claim of Kashmiris that Kashmir was always independent and never part of India

Was Kashmir ever indepenent after 1587 when the last Kashmiri king Yusuf Shah Chak was deposed by the Mughal Emperor Akbar, and Kashmir was incorporated into the Mughal Empire by the great Mughal Emperor Akbar ( the real Father of the Indian nation ) ? 

I keep repeating this question to Kashmiris who claim that Kashmir was always independent, but they keep dodging it, obviously because they know that what I have said is the truth, and what they are saying is not true.. 

Have these Kashmiris even read Akbarnama, Jehangirnama and Shahjahannama with their accounts of visits of Mughal Emperors to Kashmir, which had become a province of the Mughal Empire since the time of Akbar. And who built the Mughal gardens near Srinagar ? They were built by the Mughals, not Kashmiris ?

And the Mughals, since the time of Akbar, were Indians, with their capital at Agra ( later Delhi ), not Srinagar.

After short spells of Afghan, Sikh and Dogra rule, Kashmir came effectively under British rule, though as a princely state ruled by Dogras.

So it was never independent after 1587.

Why do some people keep repeating lies, instead of reading their history books ?

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