Saturday 7 May 2016

North East people

A fb message I received from a person of North East India :

Sir since you have tons of knowledge. I will be happy if you can speak something about the stepmotherly treatment towards North east states if India

My answer

 It is disgraceful. Many people insult North East people, calling them 'Chinkis', and misbehave with them. This must be condemned. North East people are as much Indians as any of us.

 Just because many of them have Mongoloid features does not make them any less Indians.

 It must be realized that India is a country of great diversity ( as it is a country of immigrants, like USA, as mentioned in detail in my blog 'What is India' )---so many religions, castes, languages races,cultures, etc. All must be given equal respect if we are to remain united and prosper

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