Wednesday 25 May 2016

The disgraceful treatment of Ahmadiyas

I was asked by a fb message to write about the plight of Ahmadiyas in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

 Orthodox Muslims say that Prophet Mohammed was the last Prophet, but it is said that Ahmadiyas allege there was a Prophet after him called Ghulam Ahmed in the 19th century.

 Even if Ahmadiyas say so, are they cutting off any one's head, or chopping off anyone's limbs. ?.

 Islam says that there is only one God called Allah, but Hindus believe that there are several gods ( some even say there are 33 crore gods ). Islam is against idol worship, but Hindus worship idols. .Are Hindus cutting of the heads of Muslims or chopping off their limbs by doing so ?

 Let anyone believe whatever he/she wants.

 But in Pakistan Ahmadiyas were killed, their children beaten up, and their nosques burnt by some bigoted Muslims. In my opinion these bigots are only goondas, and should be given harsh punishment.

 Our country ( in which I include Pakistan and Bangladesh ) has tremendous diversity. So the only way to prosper and remain united  is tolerance and allowing people to believe whatever he/she wants. There is no other way.

Oppression of Ahmadiyas is a disgrace

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