Wednesday 25 May 2016

On Pakistan and contesting elections

Last night a journalist belonging to a leading Pakistani newspaper telephoned me from Lahore requesting for an interview which he intends to publish in his newspaper ( the interview will be published a little before Ramzan ).

 We had a long discussion, during which I told him that Pakistan is a fake, artificial entity, created on the basis of the bogus two nation theory. He took no offence, and rather chuckled heartily. I have a feeling that many Pakistanis agree with me that India and Pakistan should reunite, as we are really one people, but are afraid to say so out of fear of the religious extremists.

He told me that he and many other Pakistanis read my faceboook page regularly. He was very happy that I had appealed to non Muslims everywhere to observe one day roza in Ramzan ( and to non Hindus to observe one day fast during Navratri )

 He requested me to come to Lahore, but I told him that I will be killed in Pakistan because many of my views e.g. about Sharia. There are madcaps in India too, but more in Pakistan.

 He then asked me why I do not contest elections in India. I gave him the following reasons :

1. An election costs crores of rupees

2. I will have to appeal to caste and communal sentiments, since in most states elections are on the basis of caste and religion.

3. Who will vote for me ? Hindus will not vote for me as I have said that there is nothing wrong in eating beef. Most of the world eats beef---America, Europe, China, Africa, Arab countries, Japan, Australia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Vietnam, and many other Asian countries, etc.So are these people who eat beef all evil people, while we alone are sadhu sants ? Moreover, an animal cannot be the mother of a human being, so how can cow be gomata ?  These statements of mine will effectively cut off my Hindu votes, and Hindus are almost 80% of our population.

 Muslims will not vote for me as I have said that Sharia is only the bakwas of Mullahs, and wearing burqa is a sign of stupidity. These statements will cut off my Muslim votes, and Muslims are about 16% of our population.

 That leaves Sikhs, Christians, etc who are at most 4% of our population. Even they may not vote for me because I have openly said that I am an atheist, and that I believe all religions to be superstitions.

 That leaves my vote alone, but I will not get that too, as I do not vote.
So how can I win an election ?

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