Wednesday 1 October 2014

A clarification

Some people have sought to infer from my recent criticism of Muslim Personal Law that I am against Muslims or Islam. This is totally incorrect. Many of my best friends are Muslims, and I respect all religions including Islam, as I have repeatedly said. I am totally secular.

In the recent calamity in Kashmir, I was the first person to stand up in support of Kashmiris who are mostly Muslims, and tried to help them in every possible way. I also criticized the atrocities on Muslims in Gaza, etc.

However, I certainly regard stoning a woman to death for adultery as barbaric, and I regard oral talaq as gross injustice and discrimination against Muslim women.

I had earlier also criticized the caste system among Hindus (see my blog, and the old Hindu law (prior to 1955) which discriminated against Hindu women. 

I am against all kinds of injustice, whether in Hindu society or Muslim society or any other society.

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