Saturday 11 October 2014

Our Attitude towards the British

Our attitude to the British and Churchill should be twofold.

We should condemn what the British and Churchill imperialists did to India and indians ( about which I have already written in my earlier posts on facebook and on my blog ). While India was broadly a prosperous country before the battles of Plassey ( 1757) and Buxar ( 1764), enjoying over 30% of the world's trade, she became a poor country by the time they left in 1947, with our massive handicraft industry, which supplied textiles and other products to much of the known world, totally smashed,and vast number of our people reduced to destitution, beggary, crime ( to fill their stomachs ) and starvation, and having only 2-3% of the world's trade.

 On the other hand, we must also admire the British people of the 17th and 18th centuries for their struggles against royal despotism and for democracy. We are full of admiration of Pym, Hampden, Milton, Cromwell, John Locke, Thomas Paine, John Wilkes, Thomas Erskine,etc.

 Similarly, while we must condemn Churchill for his attitude towards indians, we must admire him for his leadership of the British people in the fight against the Nazis at a time when England was alone in this fight.
 I have many British friends. Surely they cannot be blamed for the wrongs done by their ancestors, just as the Germans of today cannot be blamed for the crimes of the Nazis


  1. While I broadly agree with this article,
    I simply can not agree that today,s english generation can't be blamed for the wrongs done by their ancestors.

    This is because, today's generation is also reaping the prosperity and other benefits caused by good deeds of their ancestors.

    A just person will own up both benefit and blame.
    A just person may abdicare/renounce both benefits and blame.

    Even though I never studied law (except laws of physics)
    it is but natural for any decent person.

    Just look at the case in india where 3% Brahmans are made to pay through their nose for so called attrocities they supposedly inflicted on 80% of the remaining population !!

    (declaration: I happen to be a brahman.
    born in a destitute family in a slum.
    But despite all the reservations and other obstacles thrown at me by india's nation,
    I earned crores because the virtu was observed by a White American who gave me a job in The United States of America wothout me soliciting for ot)

    p.s.: I came to a knowledge that "The natural law makes sure that the one who raises the wall of obstacles ultimately looses. While the one unprotected ones like me against the wall is raised constantly find the ways to breach this obstacle and in thqt struggle "Kampf" not only become successful but actually end up becoming "Superior".)
    I thank the Nature for revealing this law to me through the experience of past forty four struggle filled years.

  2. Though the Britishers of today can't be blamed for the atrocities their ancestors committed in India during British rule, our home-grown leaders since 1947 have done no less damage to India than the Britishers did during their 200 odd years in India. Ironically, the Congress party, which was at the forefront of India's freedom struggle, is chiefly responsible for India's lack of progress, as it chose to keep Indians poor, surviving on Govt doles and freebies, rather than earn their livelihoods . But then, a party which has not had any intra-party democracy, with one family's total control of the party, can hardly be expected to uphold the spirit of democracy in the country.

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