Saturday 18 October 2014

Verses from Tirukkural, Chapter 22

" Kaimmaru venda kadappadu maarimattu
  En Aarrum kollo ulagu " ( Verse 221 )

  " The benevolent man should serve society seeking no return
     How can the earth recompense the bounty of the rain clouds ? "

" Puttel ulagattum eendum peral aaridey
  Oppuravin nalla pira " ( Verse 213 )

" There is no pleasure in this or the other world
   Equal to the joy of being helpful to others "

" Otta tarivaan uyirvaalvaan
  Marraiyaan settaarul vaikkap padum " ( Verse 214 )

" Only those who help others are living
  The others are as good as corpses "


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