Wednesday 8 October 2014

Kannadigas in Tamilnadu

I protest against a wall poster ( put up by an by an expelled ADMK member ) threatening Kannadigas living in Tamilnadu if Ms. Jayalalitha was not released from jail. I am glad that ADMK political leaders have criticised this act, and ordered removal of such posters.

Article 19 (1 ) (e ) of the Indian Constitution states :
" All citizens shall have the right---to reside and settle in any part of the territory of India "

Hence Kannadigas, or people from any part of India have a fundamental right to reside and settle in Tamilnadu, just as Tamilians have a fundamental right to settle in any part of India.

We are Indians first, and Tamilians or Kannadagis or people from any part of India, only afterwards.


  1. dude that wall poster is posted by individuals. Please don't take that as the whole view of Tamil people. We always welcome kannadigas :)

  2. Does that article bla bla cover Jammu and Kashmir ?

    Even while I have not read constitution, where all people are NOT EQUAL (religion based personal laws, state based biased constitutions)
    I heard that anybody outside Jammu and Kashmir (basically a non-CITIZEN) of Jammu and Kashmir can not settle (vote in elections after being domesile) or buy any land there.

    Another point: Forget other indians, the citozens of the jammu and kashmir and ladakh cant even place their foot in Gilgit and baltistan !

    Is not it an irony that within the person of indian origin may land on moon but can't land on "Constitutionally guranteed" territory ?

    P.S.: I have heard and read that it was leaders of India that took Kashmir to U.N. That too under binding chapters of UN constitution!
    I wish India's constitution at some golden day in future reflect the culture of Bharat and just not remain some irrelevent document that it appears today. Based on day to day experiences in public life one can see what the constitution acthally might ne !

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