Friday 31 October 2014

A couplet

" Main ne Majnoon pe ladakpan mein Asad
  Sang uthaaya tha, ki sar yaad aaya "
 - Mirza Ghalib

" In my boyhood ( that is, when I did not have much understanding ) I picked up a stone to throw at Majnoon
  But then I remembered that when I grow up the same may happen to my head "

" sang ' means a stone
' Majnoon ' literally means ' crazy ' ( deewaana ). Majnoon was the name given to Qais, who fell madly in love with Laila. The story of Laila and Majnoon is well known.

 In Sufi literature Majnoon means a person having a passion.

There are two attributes of men, reason and emotion. Sufis, like the French thinker Rousseau, believed that over reliance on reason and neglect of emotion makes people crafty, cunning and scheming, and totally selfish. Hence, emotion or passion are required, that is, compassion and altruism. Like the poet Kabir, the Sufis were against bigotry,rigid customs and over emphasis on scriptures, and instead preached the message of love and consideration for all humankind

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