Thursday 16 October 2014

A National Disgrace

(16.10.2014,' The Hindu ', page 11)

A Manipuri youth, Michael Lamjathang Haokip, who had been studying in Bangalore for 3 years, while he was with his friends Ngmakholen Hankip and Rocky Kipgen at a fast food restaurant, was attacked on Tuesday by 3 persons at Byrathi Cross on Hennur Main Road, in Bangalore, which resulted in injuries to his head, shoulders and knees. He was bleeding profusely, and had to get stitches on his forehead.

According to him, 3 persons came and said that we were in Karnataka, eating food of Karnataka, and so we should speak in Kannada. When they were ignored, they attacked the Manipuri students. Michael said that he was attacked because he did not speak Kannada and his facial structure was different from Kannadigas.

 This is a national disgrace, and must be condemned by all patriotic Indians. All Indians are one, but such incidents weaken our unity. Whoever weakens our unity is an enemy of the nation. At this moment of our history, when so many challenges are before us, we must remain united if we wish to make India prosper

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