Friday 17 October 2014

Musharraf and Kashmir


General Musharraf said yesterday that Pakistan should ' incite ' those fighting in Kashmir. He also said " In Kashmir we can fight the Indian army from both front and back. "

Musharraf is a well known mischief maker. He started the Kargil war, and is a well known hater of India. Kashmiris should not be misguided by him. The only solution to the Kashmir problem, as I have repeatedly said, is the reunification of India and Pakistan ( and Bangladesh ) under a strong, secular, modern minded government which does not tolerate religious extremism of any kind, and crushes it with an iron hand.

Kashmir was part of India ever since it was incorporated into the Mughal Empire by the great Emperor Akbar in 1586. Not only is Kashmir part of India, even Pakistan is part of India.
 Pakistan is no country. It is a fake, artificial entity created by the British on theological basis to keep Hindus and Muslims fighting each other, so that India does not emerge as a modern, powerful, and prosperous industrial state, like China ( for which it has now all the potential ).

What is Pakistan ? It is Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and NWFP. These were always part of India since the time of the great Emperor Ashoka ( some of his edicts have been found in these places ). They were part of India in Mughal and British times. They were separated from India by the wicked British who created ( through their agents, Jinnah, etc ) the bogus two nation theory, that Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations. They will surely be reunited one day with India, but that will take a long time, maybe 15-20 years, because those who divided us will not let us easily reunite.

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  1. I guess, if you begin citing ancient and medieval empires and their boundaries you will never cease to draw a line demarcating modern day nations.