Saturday 4 October 2014

Burning alive of a girl for marrying a dalit

A young girl was allegedly burnt alive by her parents in Madurai in Tamilnadu on Gandhi Jayanti Day ( 2.10.2014 ) for marrying a dalit boy.

The only way to eradicate such monstrous acts is giving death penalty to those found guilty. I have said ( with Justice Gyansudha Misra ) in a judgment ( Bhagwan Das vs. State of Delhi, 2011) that 'honour killing' must have only one punishment, death. We must strike terror in the hearts of these barbaric, feudal minded, killers by hanging them. That alone will send a message that such horrendous acts are simply unacceptable in the modern age.

 In Bhagwan Das vs. State ( NCT 0 of Delhi, 2011 we observed :
" In our opinion ' honour killings ', for whatever reason, come within the category of  'rarest of rare' cases deserving death punishment. It is time to stamp out these barbaric, feudal practices which are a slur on our nation. This is necessary as a deterrent for such outrageous, uncivilized behaviour. All persons who are planning to perpetrate ' honour killings ' should know that the gallows await them "

 It is so tragic that although more than 200 years have expired since it was declared in those memorable words in the American Declaration of Independence in 1776 which are still ringing in history :  "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal--" many Indians still regard a section of our own people ( the dalits ) as inferiors.
When I said that we are still largely a very backward country, full of casteism and communalism, I was furiously attacked by some ' patriots '. But do such horrid deeds not show the truth of my statement ? How many of us are willing to accept  their daughter marrying a dalit boy, even if he has a good character and is financially well off ?

 I said in Lata Singh  vs. State of U.P.that if the parents disapprove of their daughter marrying someone, the maximum they are entitled to  do is to break off social relations with her. But they have no right to threaten her, confine her to a room, beat her or murder her. If they do that, they, and others involved, must be given harsh punishment, for then they are taking the law into their own hands.

But who listens to me ? I have been accused of being a maverick, a publicity seeker, a person with a foot in the mouth disease, a crazy person, a person with a hidden agenda, and even ( by one Chief Minister ) a dog, when all I have been trying to do all along was to spread rationalism and scientific thinking to take my country forward


  1. Mahavir (jain tirthankar) ki ahinsa mein
    "hinsa ka ABHAV hai"
    -- Mahavir example of self made Rishi

    Gandhi (a Wakeel.) ki ahinsa mein
    "hinsa ka CHIPAV hai"
    Gandhi a British trained (and used) Philosofer

    Krishna (Bhagwan) ki HINSA mein
    "Hinsa ka ABHAV hai.
    A self illuminating YOGI.

    This also explains difference between a Rishi, a Philosopher and a Yogi.
    and can serve as a note to ur article on "Indian Philosophy"

  2. I am not aware of the full details of the insident to pass any comment. but apart from that,

    I hold ot true that "Nature does not play dyce" as so correctlt articulated by albert einstein.

    Secondly world famous scientist Charls Darwin says that we are NOT CREATED but we are EVOLVED.

    When I myself was born in a economically challenged family and had a very weak body "at birth" I continued my resolute trust in the laws of nature.
    The unequal conditions at birth of various living beings caused the scientofocally minded people who trusted nature, reasoning, to meditate on the underlying causes of this "unequality at birth" symptom observed every where in nature.
    That gave rise to a possibility of past births and theory of karma.

    I personally think that Nature is NEVER wrong.
    He has made all living and non living beings UNEQUAL at birth based on some very just principle that world has not unearthed completely yet.
    It is the foolish western concept to assume that all are CREATED equal at birth.