Saturday 25 October 2014

Reply to Mr. Sartaj Aziz

Mr. Sartaj Aziz, the Adviser to the Pakistan Prime Minister on foreign affairs, in a statement made in the Pakistan Senate recently, said

(1) Pakistan will not accept the superiority of India, and 
(2) It would continue highlighting the Kashmir issue worldwide.

 My reply is : 
(1) The question of superiority and inferiority arises if there are two countries. But if there is only one country, where is the question of superiority or inferiority ?

 In fact Pakistan is no country at all. It is a fake, artificial entity created by the British on the basis of the bogus two nation theory to ensure that Hindus and Muslims keep fighting each other,and that India ( of which Pakistan is really a part ) does not emerge as a modern, powerful, prosperous country, like China, for which it has now all the potential with its huge pool of bright engineers and scientists, and immense natural resources.

 The two nation theory, that Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations, was a mischievous hoax  and fraud by the British on the Indian people using their agents like Jinnah, and Partition in 1947 was done on that basis. Since the theory itself is bogus, the only resolution of this historical swindle and fraud is reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh under a strong, secular, modern minded government which will not tolerate religious extremism of any kind and crush it with an iron hand.

 People in India ( in which I include Pakistan and Bangladesh ) must realize that we were duped and taken for a ride by the British. The British and some others are still laughing at us, seeing how they befooled us. Do you like to be befooled and laughed at ?

 Those who say that much water has passed since 1947 and now what is done cannot be undone should be reminded of Germany which was reunited after 45 year separation. China has still not recognized Taiwan, though they were separated in 1945. Did President Abraham Lincoln accept the Confederate States of America ( the slave holding states  ) in 1861 ?

 Some say that the reunification idea of mine is a day dream. My reply is : when Mazzini proposed unification of Italy, most people said it was  a day dream, but it was realized later by Cavour and Garibaldi.

 When I meet Pakistanis I feel no different from them, we look like each other, speak the same language ( Hindustani ), have the same culture ( love for Urdu poetry, Hindustani classical music, etc ), the same food habits, etc. In fact when Indians and Pakistanis meet in foreign countries they mix together and socialize as if Partition never took place.We were befooled by the Britishers into thinking we were enemies, but how much longer must we remain befooled ? How much longer must blood flow between us ?
 What is Pakistan ? It is Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and NWFP. These were part of India in the time of Emperor Ashoka ( his edicts are still found in some of those places ). They were part of India in Mughal and British times.
  Those who talk of 'improving' relations ; between India and Pakistan are living in a fool's paradise. Pakistan was created so that there should be perpetual enmity between us, and thereby India should remain weak and poor. Whenever it appears that relations between us are improving there is some incident of hostility.
 Look at the amount of money we spend on arms purchases abroad. India spends about 40 billion dollars every year on arms purchases, and Pakistan also spends a huge amount on them. Much of this money could be saved and spent on the welfare of our people. Can a poor country like ours afford such huge amounts on unproductive matters ?

 Of course reunification will take time, may be 15-20 years, firstly because those who divided us will not let us easily reunite, and secondly because the poison of the divide and rule policy ( communal hatred ) which was injected into our society consistently by the British after 1857 ( see my article ' The Truth about Pakistan ' and the speech 'History in the Service of Imperialism ' by B.N. Pandey, available online ) will take time to remove. However, I am injecting the anti-dote, though it will take time to have effect, as the poison of one and a half centuries cannot be eliminated in one day.

 (2) The Kashmir issue will automatically be resolved on the reunification of India and Pakistan under a strong, secular government. Then both parts of Kashmir will be united, and have a democratically elected state government, but within a federal Indian government. I am myself a Kashmiri, and have the welfare of Kashmir at heart. I know what the Kashmiri Muslims and Kashmiri Pandits have suffered. My message to Kashmiris is not to be misguided by the separatist leaders who have their own vested interests and agenda, and who do not really care for the welfare of Kashmiris. Talk of independence for Kashmir is nonsensical, and will result in more suffering. Instead of the slogan of independence, Kashmiris must raise the slogan of reunification of India and Pakistan under a strong secular government.

 Secularism does not mean that one cannot practise one's own religion. It means that religion is a private affair, unconnected with the state, which will have no religion.


  1. It is a complete day dream for the two countries, in connection with reunification of the two countries. Reunification could have been possible, if there is too much of similarity in Culture, Religion,Thinking and Ideology, but in the present case both the countries are poll apart, like two side of the river. So, write up in this regard is something different from the ground realities.

  2. I always wonder about your repeated advocacy of unification. Rather whimsical if not mad idea I ight be allowed to say.
    Do you think that the NWFP and the pasthun areas bordering Afghanistan will eb]=ver be a wise piece of land to be part of a civilsed modern State?

  3. All Indians should be of national character and more important is to deal national problems ie population education health natural resources infrastructure development corruption. Now the Pakistan can't be part of India as few corrupt minded individuals are on both sides if it would not been there should not be any country named Pakistan

  4. Your views are very correct, even if impractical, given that so much time has passed and the bitterness between the two countries has become cemented after three wars and millions of acidic discussions.
    I wish this was possible. Regards, Sir.

  5. Just imagine if this was to happen today the there would be an addition of 33 crs Muslims and the Indian Muslim population will cross 50 crs. Look around in which country secularism prevails where Muslims are a dominant country or in majority. Secularism prevails only when they are in minority. Hence the proposal is not feasible at all.

  6. i don't think,such a reunification is possible.first of all, our mind has set as we are two nation with our own sovereignty.And the mode of democracy is totally different.second one is that, we will cross the boundary of population (150 cr) near future.then how we can afford other state(pakistan).it is not possible in any kind.

  7. sikander hayat
    March 09,2014 at 10:50 AM IST
    बहुत से पाकिस्तानी या कश्मीरी या मुस्लिम ही नहीं बल्कि गैर मुस्लिम भी
    मानते हैं कि भारत ने कश्मीर पर क़ब्ज़ा किया हुआ है। चलो मान लिया किस ऐसा
    ही है लेकिन मैं मानता हूं कि इसमें गलत क्या है? विभाजन की एक अहम शर्त थी
    की तबादला ए आबादी नहीं होगा यानी जो जहां रहना चाहेगा रहता आया है वो वहीं
    रहेगा। हमारे '' कायदे आज़म '' यानि गांधी-नेहरू ने अपनी जान की बाज़ी लगाकर
    पूरी ताकत झोंककर और गांधी जी ने अपनी शहादत देकर भी अपना वचन निभाया और
    मुसलमानों को भारत से उजाड़ने से बचाया था। एक ईस्ट पंजाब को छोड़कर कहीं से
    भी मुसलमानों को पाकिस्तान जाने पर मज़बूर नहीं किया गया। जो मुस्लिम पाक गए
    वो अपनी खुशी से गए, आखिर उनके ही सपनों का इस्लामी मुल्क जो बन रहा था
    लेकिन पाक से बहुत से हिन्दुओं-सिखों को जबरन खदेडा ग्या। केवल 47 में ही नहीं
    बल्कि 47 से लेकर आज के दिन तक य सिलसिला जारी है। नतीज़ा हिन्दू आबादी पाक
    बांग्लदेश में 47 के 30 % से घटकर अब बहुत कम 2-7% तक रह गयी है। आएसए में
    भारत में रह गयी विशाल मुस्लिम आबादी को देखते हुए नेहरू जी ने मुस्लिम बहुल
    कश्मीर वेली पर क़ब्ज़ा कर भी लिया तो क्या गुनाह किया? कोई नही गांधी-नेहरू ने जो-जो किया सब कुछ सही किया। एक बकवास हिन्दू कठमुल्लवादी य करते हैं कि उनके सरदार पटेल साहब के दबाव मे कश्मीर मिला य बिल्कुल झूठ है। सरदार साहब की तो कश्मीर लेने मे कोई दिलचस्पी ही नहीं थी, वो तो सिर्फ
    हैदराबाद ही चाहते थे। नेहरू जी ने ही यह सोचकर कश्मीर लिया था कि इस
    मुस्लिम बहुल राज़्य से विशाल भारतीय मुस्लिम आबादी को नेतृत्व मिलता रहेगा मगर कोल्ड वॉर आदि करणों से और सभी कश्मीरी नेताओ की संकीर्ण मानसिकता के करण ऐसा कुछ ना हो सका और कश्मीर पूरे महाद्वीप के लिए नासूर बन गया। सही है कि कश्मीरियों पर बहुत जुल्म हुआ मगर इन्होंने भी भारत
    पाकिस्तान की 100 करोड़ गरीब आबादी को बंधक बना रखा है। लाइन ऑफ कंट्रोल को
    इंटरनैशनल बॉर्डर बनाकर दोनों तरफ के काश्मीरियों के लिए बॉर्डर खुला
    नामात्र का रखना ही कश्मीर समस्या का एकमात्र हल है।

  8. Your heart is in the right place but you seem to espouse unrealistic expectations. I thought by now you would have revisited your long-held opinion on reunification and found it flawed. Apparently not. Can you imagine Bangladesh and Pakistan coming together as one? You have cited German reunification numerous times to voice your optimism for our own reunification. It seems you may have overlooked a glaring difference - the Germans didn't choose to be divided, but we did. Jinnah wanted a separate State on the basis of religion and got one. You know it better than I do, Islam shuns secularism. Your entire theory of one secular State, as I view it, is as farfetched as was the two-nation theory. Forget India for a moment. Ask yourself a question: Will even two Islamic states, Pakistan and Bangladesh, ever come together as one nation, let alone join in with a Hindu majority state? Then, there is a big question of sovereignty - who gives up and why?