Monday 20 October 2014

Great Injustice to India

Great Britain and France have populations of about 64 million each, and have a permanent seat in the U.N. Security Council.
India, with a population of about 1250 million, does not.
 Thus India is about 20 times bigger in population than Grat Britain and France each.
India's land area is 3, 287, 590 Great Britain's land area is 229, 848, while that of France is 640, 679
 Thus India is about 14 times bigger than Great Britain, and about 5 times bigger than France, in land area.
 Despite this, India is denied a permanent seat in the U.N. Security Council.
 This is great injustice to India


  1. Who's responsible ????
    Our Politicians & POLITICAL SYSTEM are responsible.
    Don't blame others countries
    FMR PM NEHRU was responsible for not accepting/fighting with China for permanent membership in UN SECURITY COUNCIL.
    INDIAN POLITICIANS always preferences personal interests instead of National Interest

    1. Absolutely incorrect, Roshanji ! It was because of Churchill’s and Brits’ hatred of India and the Congress that we lost permanent seat in the UN. (Why should we “fight” with China for the seat? Justice demands that both India and China enjoy this, and “fighting” is only what the gorachamdas in London want). During WW2, President Roosevelt of the US (FDR) was very pro-Indian as were Soviet leader Stalin and Chinese leader Chiang kai Sheik. Roosevelt even threatened Churchill with breaking the alliance with UK, if because of Churchill’s obstinacy in refusing India freedom, , Japan made further inroads into India. Even before war’s end, Roosevelt sent a US military plane and got Vijayalaxmi Pandit over to Washington DC and the White House , in March 1945. I believe, though I am yet to find the confirmation for this, that Roosevelt told Ms Pandit of an imminent preparatory informal meeting to launch UNO. We were soon orphaned by the premature death of FDR. Ms Pandit went over for this preliminary meet in Washington in June 1945. The Brits demanded that India should be represented by Viceroy’s Govt. The Soviets argued for Ms Pandit to represent India , but the Brits persuaded the new President Truman to take the Viceroy’s representative . It was very much Roosevelt’s intention that India and China would be permanent Members. (He would likely have kicked out France as he had a poor opinion of them and their standing). But once Viceroy’s Rep was the delegate, there was no question of that rep getting a permanent seat as it would amount to Britain having 2 seats! Our leaders were humiliated by the Brits and were sufficiently disgusted. Saffron propaganda targets Nehru and other leaders to cover up their own lack of a roaffronists are also very pro-west, and cover up the misdeeds of the Brits.

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  3. The time has changed... Our Honorable PM Shri Narendra Modi raised the concern in UN.
    Now the world has to listen India and their issues.

  4. We must quit UN in protest, and demand for equal rights for all nations.