Tuesday 30 June 2015

An Appeal to all non Muslims to observe roza on 4th July

After discussing with many friends in the Bay Area in California, I hereby appeal to all non Muslims all over the world to observe one day roza on Saturday, 4th July as a token of respect for and solidarity with our Muslim brethren during the holy month of Ramzan.

 The exact time before which sehri ( breakfast ) must be taken, and of iftaar,( the time in the evening after which alone dinner can be taken ) may be ascertained from some Muslim friend. These timings change by one minute every day, and must be strictly observed.

 I may mention that in India for several years I have been keeping one day roza during Ramzan. The wife of my friend Asif Azmi, who is like a younger brother to me, telephones me very early in the morning when it is still dark and informs me that the time by which I must do my sehri is approaching, so I quickly eat some bread and drink a lot of milk and water, because I can have none thereafter till the time of iftaar.

 This year I will have iftaar at the residence of a Muslim lady in Fremont, California, USA  with a group of about 25 others, Muslims and non Muslims. The lady has very kindly consented to have the iftaar at her residence, and provide food for all of us.

  The other non Muslims can form groups and have iftaar at a place of their choice on 4th July.

 Please note that you must not eat or drink after the time of sehri is over, and before the time for iftaar. This is absolutely crucial.

 If this succeeds, it will be a historic step at removing misunderstanding between  different communities. When Navratri begins, I will appeal to non Hindus to keep one day fast during that period.

 It is clarified that by keeping one day roza a non Muslim does not become a Muslim, just as by keeping one day fast during Navratri a non Hindu does not become a Hindu. It is just symbolic of showing respect to other communities


  1. I will keep roza on 4th July,2015. As far as my friends are concerned, I would try to pursue them but will not force to do so. I hope that some of them may join me.

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  2. Katjuji, You affirm that you are an atheist. But you are selecting the theistic route to bring about unity between Hindus and Muslims. Instead tell them to think of Jawaharlal Nehru, who followed secularism and scientific thinking in practice. He was honest in that he never went to a temple, mosque or church. He was honest to the core in his convictions.

  3. Sir, you have accused Gandhi of using religious symbols during the freedom struggle. Yes, he mixed too much religion in his politics. But what are you doing sir, by asking the non-muslims to fast for one day during Ramjan ? You have thoughtfully added that muslims should observe a day’s fasting during Navaratri, thinking that this would make you sound secular. I have read your writ petition to the Hon’ble Supreme Court (regarding the resolutions of the Parliament)where you talk in length about scientific temper and quote Nehru’s words to corroborate it. Fasting has nothing to do with science although it has become a fashion of the religious people these days to term all such rituals as "scientific". Fasting is “unscientific” because our body needs frequent intakes of food and water without which it develops smaller snags like gas, acidity, weakness, head-reeling and sometimes more serious ailments like dehydration, peptic ulcer etc. Sir, you are in a position to influence people, so please spread science and do not spread religion because our society needs more of the former and less and less of the later.