Tuesday 16 June 2015

The ' educated ' uneducated

See the enormous task ahead for us. Even many of the so called ' educated ' people among us believe in ghosts, spirits and paranormal activity, which is all superstition, nonsense and humbug.
 The worst thing in life is poverty, and so our main national goal must be to abolish poverty. But for that we must spread rational and scientific ideas among our masses, and combat feudal and backward thinking, including belief in the supernatural. and superstitions.

The truth is that :

1. All religions are superstitions, the truth lies in science.

Of course science is something not finally developed, but always developing , and many things which we do not know and cannot do today ( e.g. cure many kinds of cancers ) we may be able to do in the future ( by scientific research and new scientific discoveries ). just as many things we did not know in the past e.g. the cure for T.B., we know today. We regarded small pox earlier as caused by the wrath of a goddess ( mata ), but later we found by scientific discovery that it was caused by a virus, which can be prevented by vaccination. Thus, as science ( which is based on truth ) advances, religion ( which is based on falsehood ) recedes.

2. There are no supernatural entities like god, ghosts, soul, angels, fairies, witches, etc and no such thing as transmigration of the soul or judgment day ( roz-e-mahshar )

3.  Paranormal activity, e.g. telepathy, psycho-kinesis, etc is all nonsense, and humbug. Often it is the handiwork of charlatans who befool the public, e.g. claims that a child can remember his/her previous life, or methods like planchette for calling the spirit of one's dead relatives.

 I remember in my youth reading books by a man called Lobsang Rampa ( 1910-1981 ) e.g. ' The Third Eye ', " Living with the Lama ', ' My Visit to Venus ', etc. He claimed to be a Tibetan monk whose spirit could travel in space. Later he was exposed as a fraud.

4. The only reality is nature, and natural forces. Nature consists of matter ( and energy, which is only matter in a different form ), but this is not stagnant but in motion, in accordance with certain laws, which can be discovered by scientific research.

5. Some people say that there must be a Creator of the world. This statement assumes that everything must have a creator. But this leads us to the fallacy of the infinite regress. In other words, if everything must have a creator, then this creator, too, must have a creator, that is, a super creator. And then this, too must have a creator, which means a super super creator, and so on and so forth.

 The answer to the question where did matter come from is : matter came from matter. It evolved, it is in motion, and the manner and direction of this motion can be discovered by scientific research and scientific discoveries.


  1. “Student: Dr. Einstein, Aren't these the same questions as last year's [physics] final exam?

    Dr. Einstein: Yes; But this year the answers are different.”
    ― Albert Einstein

  2. Sir, if that is so there is no need to visit churches, temples, mosques, gurudwaras, etc. how many man hours are lost by visiting these places. Religious establishments are exploiting innocent people by inculcating fear of god and satan among them. Celebrations at religious places can continue as part of our culture. But,I for one advocate a society without religion and only religion of humanity should prevail globally.

  3. Looks like this is the first time Judge Sahib has been to America for a long stay and the impact of American life can be seen on Judge Sahib :)
    Judge Sahib, I am an engineer by profession and I agree that science is the answer to all our problems. Now from a scientific point of view we know that a virgin cannot give birth to a child (forget IVF, etc., these are miracles of the late 20th century science). Two thirds of this worlds population is Christian that believes Jesus was born to a virgin. Scientifically and medically we know for sure this is not possible, but the population still believes it and they keep celebrating, singing praises, build churches, and keep fighting about the religion. And so on is the case with the other religions of the world.
    I believe that all these religions, gods etc., were the creation of the human mind. The human mind is so powerful it can conjure up things that did not exist. For example in my childhood, I used to watch StarTrek. Mr. Spock and Captain Kurk used to command the Enterprise Star Ship via Touch Screen controls. In those days people did know hear about touch screen, but the writer of Star Trek, conjured up such a thing. Similarly, the idea of a God or religion was conjured up by a clever person who wanted to exploit the fear of death in every human being and this has become the norm.
    Personally, I think there exists some supernatural force which science cannot explain. I don't this supernatural force has anything to do with any person on this earth living or dead. It does not care what we do with our life, it is there to look after the larger interests of the universe. No one person from the dead has come back and told us what is beyond life. The few explanations given by people who have had near death experiences are biased based upon their religious affiliations, which we can treat as outliers. All in all I can say "Religion begins where science fails to explain".

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