Thursday 18 June 2015

Indian judiciary is beyond redemption

When I said the same thing about the Indian judiciary, I was roundly condemned, and accused of being a publicity seeker. But now even the President of the Supreme Court Bar Association is saying basically what I said : the judicial system in India has collapsed, and is beyond redemption


  1. You don't need to wear burkha to know the truth. This is truth that is available publicly. Being a Judge yourself you know that it takes 20+ years to solve civil cases, 15+ years to solve criminal cases (not of national interest). We say "justice delayed is justice denied.", however most of the times the person against whom the case was filed or the other party leaves this world without getting justice.

    I will say the entire establishment called "India" is rotten from leaf, branch, trunk to the root.

    Take a simple example; A person violates a traffic signal or rule. The cop catches this person. The cop tries to explain this person the law and tells him the consequences. The person looks at him and says "Here is Rs 500, take this". The cop looks at the Rs 500 and lets the person go, and this offender is ready for the next crime. This would not have happened if the person and the cop were honest and acknowledged the law. Overall we have people in this establishment "India" who don't care for the law because they believe "money is more powerful than law".

  2. In SCI CJI Dattu, Thakur & Gopal Gowda - Criminal Contemners of 27 Judgments - Employee-Cum-Judge-Beneficiary of Employee Sites- :-
    Your honour, Your Honour? The entire judicial employees housing society is a black mark on Karnataka judiciary: 18 Nov, 2011 DNA News
    Senior Counsel Ravivarma Kumar [present Karnataka High Court Advocate General ] says, “The entire judicial employees housing society is a black mark on Karnataka judiciary [INDIAN JUDICIARY]. It is in the interest of the judiciary to publish a white paper giving all the details of site allotments in favour of various members and to publish the same for the benefit of public scrutiny.”

    Justice is blind, but judges have site: 82 judges have been allotted plots of land at dirt cheap rates in Karnataka in violation of rules; and in doing so they have also disregarded various judgments of high court and Supreme Court of India

  3. Indian system has not collapsed; rather India has evolved the Indian system most suiting to most Indians! Now we can even think of exporting our system to other countries as well and if we could succeed, we can wipe out the western culture and their so called western system totally from the face of earth, about which we have never been so comfortable!

    1. What do you mean by "Indian system suiting most Indians"? Are you saying we are not human beings or that we have come from another planet? Ok, now we understand why we are not progressing, but "congressing". :)