Monday 15 June 2015

Good qualities in Americans

I have noticed many good qualities in Americans ( and also in NRIs who have lived here for a few years and acquired many American qualities ) :

1. They usually talk briefly, and to the point. No  fizool  gupshup. Often you cannot add or delete even one word from what they say. A word added would be superfluous, a word deleted would make the statement incomplete or meaningless.

2. They are almost invariably punctual. However, if for some reason they are likely to be late for a meeting, they will always text you a message on their mobile phone. There is an indicator fitted into most cars here which mentions how much time it will take to reach the destination. So they can know whether they are likely to be late or not. Punctuality means giving respect to others. Indians must learn this.

3. They usually do not tell lies. Their word is their bond, and if they orally agree to do something, they will do it.

4. They are extremely hard working.

5. They follow the rules, whether traffic rules, building rules or any other rules. I have seen a whole line of racing cars come to a standstill just because one pedestrian is crossing the road.

6. They will never throw garbage anywhere except in the trash cans or bins.

7. They are perfectionists. America is no place for sloppy people, since sloppy and slipshod behaviour is just not tolerated here. You will get a ' pink slip ' very quickly if you are not on your toes. Even waitresses in a restaurant and cleaning maids in the house are perfectionists in their work. A cleaning maid will not seek short cuts in her work, and will not leave your house until she is satisfied that she has completed her work properly.

8. They are organized people, and have no ' faltu ' time.


  1. Excellent observation. However, we cannot point a finger the people for the Indian situation. It is the system which should be blamed. We are religious and follow God and not the state. Even if we make mistakes God will forgive. Americans mostly follow the state and if they make a mistake, the state do not forgive them. It gives proper punishment and people fear punishment. Slowly following the rules of the state becomes their morality, which is aimed at the welfare of the people in the country, and not the rules of God.

    If they commit a mistake the states sees it through its eyes of officials or cameras., whereas God does not have any officials or cameras. So we can easily escape the punishment of God. I think this is the difference.

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  3. Every point is an undeniable fact, wish we all Indians were at least half as systematic as they are.

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  5. Stop this boot licking my dear katju...... every one has its own good and bad afflictions.

  6. Mr Katju, you seem to be improving. I wish that every High Court and Supreme Court Judge of India should go through judicial training in countries like USA, Australia, Canada, UK etc before appointment and they should be required to live in these countries at least for three years so that they could become better persons before becoming judges in India.

  7. How many politicians have visited America and other countries since independence? Do u believe they don't know how America or Europe works and lives? We have even imported Sonia Gandhi, what has changed? Nothing. Why, because the willingness to change is missing from the people. Indian people have that "chalta hai" attitude and this is the root cause of all the evil in this country.
    As Mr. Katju rightly points we are superstitious, caste based, believe in feudal ceremonies and more... so just going to America for a vacation and coming back will not help. The basic discipline should be imbued in the people and people should me made science wary....