Thursday 8 September 2016

An appeal to Indian and Pakistan Governments

Sajjad Azhar Peerzada, who wrote the article supporting Basant, telephoned me tonight from Lahore, where he lives. I congratulated him on his article, and he told me he was receiving a flood of telephone calls, emails and fb messages from Pakistan and even India congratulating him.

Among other things we discussed, I told him to read my fb post on the Cauvery water dispute. I then asked what was the position of water supply in Paki...stan. He said it was all right in Lahore, but Karachi was having a terrible water shortage. The tap water is salty and muddy, and people have to buy water.

I told him to speak to his colleagues in the Karachi edition of his newspaper ( Nawa-e-waqt in Urdu, and ' The Nation ' in English ) and ask them to publish my article there.
Maybe it will give some ideas to people there.
I also appeal to the Indian and Pakistani governments to set up a Joint Indo-Pak Water Shortage Resolution Committee consisting of top scientists of both countries specialized in the field, to jointly find out ways to solve the problem of water shortage. 
Both countries have the same problem, and it may be a good idea if we can pool in our ideas and resources to help the suffering people.

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