Monday 26 September 2016

Blut und Eisen
After Prime Minister Modi's widely acclaimed Kozhikode speech, in which he loudly declared that the perpetrators of the Uri attack will not go unpunished, and his Man ki Baat, as well as the heroic and valiant efforts of our TRP driven media, which no doubt will win all our wars for us without the need of any soldiers, I have no doubt that Sushma Swaraj , our illustrious and matchless Foreign Minister, will deliver a brilliant address at the United Nations General Assembly today, completely exposing Pakistan's devilish nature.
However, unfortunately for Modi and Sushma, times have changed. As the renowned German Chancellor Bismarck said while addressing the Prussian Landtag in 1862 " The great issues of the day will not be decided by votes and speeches, but by blood and iron ( blut und eisen ), "
Hari Om

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