Thursday 15 September 2016

Delhi's guerillas

Tigers are afraid of no other animal, but they are terribly afraid of mosquitoes. Like a swarm of guerilla warriors these tiny creatures descend on the king of the jungle with their hit and run tactics, and cause endless agony on the great beast, making it turn and twist even when it wants to rest.

I too am a tiger, but I cannot sleep half the night because of a swarm of mosquitoes in my flat. I have tried every method to wipe them out, such as ' Hit ', ' kachua chaap ', spraying ' Flit ' etc, and including a Japanese electric racket ( which looks like a small tennis racket, and which I keep banging on my body half the night ), but to no avail. I would not be surprized if I become the next candidate for dengue, chickengunya or malaria.

Last night I went to bed at about 10.30 p.m. but had to get up after about an hour, as I could not stand it any more. So I got up and saw Youtube for 2 hours, after which I went to bed again and fell asleep exhausted, and I am sure these delightful creatures must have fed on my blood thereafter, like Dracula, even though I was not conscious of it..

In today's Times of India I read on page 2 the statement of Delhi's Minister for Tourism and Water, Kapil Mishra " Let us wipe out these mosquitoes ". But with so many uncovered drains, filth and other breeding places in Delhi, I wonder whether the Minister has an Aladin's magic lamp to do so.
Satender Jain, the Delhi Health Minister, who has just returned from his jaunt in Goa ( where apart from doing AAP propaganda he must have enjoyed the beaches ) had said that chickengunya does not cause death. But today's front page headline in Times of India negates this., with Apollo Hospital alone reporting 5 deaths in 3 weeks

Hari Om

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