Friday 9 September 2016

Warning to Punjabis

Punjabis, it is your choice whom to vote for. But let me warn you.

If you vote for AAP, and if it forms the government, this is what will happen to you :

1. Your real ruler, no matter who is the C.M., will be a non Punjabi sitting in Delhi ( though occasionally coming to his fiefdom, Punjab, as a dramatic gesture, like the British King Emperor in colonial times visiting his Empire ). Kejriwal will be your real ruler, and some puppet like Manmohan Singh wil...l be your formal C. M., but the C.M. will not be allowed to make any major decisions without approval of Kejriwal.

2. You will not just be slaves of Kejriwal alone. You will have to fall at the feet and grovel before his chamchas ( and chamchis ) like Manish Sisodia, Ashutosh, Khetan, Durgesh, Sanjay Singh, Atishi, and a host of others. Phoolka may be made C. M. but he will only be told to make phoolkas, and have no real powers. 

3. No dissent will be tolerated. The fate of dissenters will be the same as of Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav, who objected to giving tickets to shady people. You will come under a dictatorship.

4.Every month of AAP rule, if it comes to power in Punjab, will see a major scandal, as has happened in Delhi, where half the Ministers had to be sacked.

In fact in Delhi only the tip of the corruption iceberg has been exposed. A large number of AAP MLAs are making hay while the sun shines, and only a small number have as yet been exposed.
Anna Hazare, the mentor of Kejriwal, has himself denounced Kejriwal.

I again advise you to vote for, and support Navjot Singh Sidhu, a Punjabi like you, and living in Punjab, not Delhi

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