Saturday 10 September 2016

Two sides to the same coin
The ABVP has swept the DUSU elections, and the left front SFI-AISA have swept in JNU.
What do these results signify ? To my mind they signify nothing.
As regards the ABVP , in my opinion while they profess to be Hindu, they have no idea about the great Hindu intellectualism of our ancestors ( see my article ' Sanskrit as a language of Science ' online and on my blog), and are nothing but a set of lumpens and buffoons.
As regards the so called left in this country, in my opinion they are a bunch of opportunistic revisionists, on the model of Bernstein, Kautsky and the Mensheviks, and have sunk to the lowest level.
So both the 'left' and 'right' in India are really two sides to the same coin, complementing and supplementing each other.
Hari Om

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