Thursday 8 September 2016

The party with a differenceAA

Although I had strongly criticized Congress and BJP in the past, of late I had been criticizing AAP. Why ?
That is because I wanted to remove the illusion from your heads that AAP was ' a party with a difference ' i.e the only party in India of honest people.
At one time Advani had also boasted that BJP was a party with ' a difference '.
I submit that no political party in India can be really honest, and therefore there is no such thing as a ' party with a difference '
Just consider one aspect : it costs a huge amount of money for contesting elections. An MP Lok Sabha election would cost each candidate about 8-10 crores, and a MLA election 5-8 crores. Where does this money come from ? Obviously by corruption. So how can any party be honest in India ?
And those candidates who spend so much money in their elections obviously treat it as an invertment. If they spend Rs.10 crores, they want a return of Rs. 50 crores, if they win, on this investment. Obviously this can only come through corruption. Part of this Rs. 50 crores is invested in some business and part saved for the next election . So how can any party be honest ?
I never praised BJP and Congress. But they are already exposed parties, so nothing more needs to be said against them.
But AAP was claiming to be a party with a difference, and so had to be exposed.
Indira Gandhi's sham slogan ' gharibi hatao ' ensured her victory in the 1971.
Before the May 2014 Lok Sabha elections many of you were carried away by the rhetoric of 'vikas' by that dramabaz Modi, and like sheep and cattle voted for him.
Now like sheep and cattle many of you are being carried away by the dramatic antics of that fraud and slick operator Kejriwal.
Like the children following the Pied Piper of Hamelin you will follow any fake trickster, deceiver, charlatan, humbug and confidence man who for the moment has caught your fancy, without using your brains.
Well good luck to you. But dont blame me if wisdom dawns on you some time in the future regarding the truth about this ' party with a difference '..

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