Wednesday 14 September 2016

AAP leaders globetrotting

Since AAP leaders are fond of globetrotting, here are some places which they may also consider visiting in their next trips abroad :
1. Las Vegas ( for gambling )
2. Lido, in Paris ( for seeing the cabarets )
3. Monte Carlo
4. St. Moritz in Switzerland ( for skiing )...
5. Niagara Falls
6. Hollywood in California ( to meet the lovely actresses )
7. French Riviera ( for the beaches, where they will see beautiful ladies in bikinis )
8. Venice ( for a ride on a gondola )
9. New York ( for a walk in Central Park, and to see the Statue of Liberty )
10. Hyde Park in London ( in the Speakers Corner they can get a few tips from the speakers on how to befool the public ).
And of course if they wish to see places in India, they must not miss Khajuraho, where people like Sandeep Kumar will get a few tips
Hari Om

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