Friday 2 September 2016

Form Jansamitis in all cities in India

The massive water logging and the Dengue and Chikungunya deaths has made it clear that neither the Centre nor the State government will do anything for the people of Delhi, except indulge in blame-game, and these calamities will keep occurring in the future also frequently.
Hence, the time has now come in this country for Jansamitis (people's committees) to be formed in all cities in India. People must now solve their own problems instead of depending on the government totally.
First a Jansamiti should be formed in Delhi by the people of Delhi themselves. The method for doing so can be that every Mohalla in Delhi will elect a mohalla Jansamiti democratically which will have a term of six months only, after which a fresh election will be held, so that those who do not perform will not be re-elected.
This mohalla committee should nominate two of its members to the Delhi Jansamiti, which will also have a term of six months only.
Presently most MPs and MLAs are elected for five years, but after getting elected, they forget about the problems of their constituencies and get busy in making money. So the term should be much shorter for the Jansamiti.
The Jansamitis or Mohalla Sabha should advise the ministers and officials of the Government to do what is needed to solve the people's problems. If the ministers or officials do not respond, the members of the Jansamitis and Mohalla Samitis should tell the people to hold peaceful demonstrations at the offices and residences of the ministers, MLAs and officials, and publicise it in the media.
This will exercise immediate pressure on the ministers, MLAs and the officers.
After Delhi, Jansamitis should be formed in all cities in In India.
If the government and its officers do not respond, the people should also stop paying taxes. It is believed the Delhi Govt. collects Rs. 90,000 crores annually from the people of Delhi. What does it do with this money?
Details about the manner of election and functioning of these samitties should be worked out by the people themselves using their creativity.

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