Sunday 25 September 2016

Isolating Pakistan
I saw a lot of panel discussions just now on several TV channels by 'experts' on how to deal with Pakistan.
Some of these geniuses called for 'isolating' Pakistan, as if it was some kind of man eating tiger which had to be cornered and shot by a Jim Corbett. Others spoke of getting Pakistan declared a terrorist state by the international community, still others spoke of scrapping the Indus Water Treaty, etc. Some said we should use a combination of several measures, diplomatic, economic and military, etc.
These geniuses do not realized one thing : all this talk of isolating or quarantining Pakistan overlooks a crucial factor, which is a super power China. China is solidly behind Pakistan, as it has huge economic investments in that country, particularly in the Balochistan area which is very rich in natural resources.
We may keep thumping our chests and trumpeting about our great diplomatic victory over Pakistan, but it is all a sham. China ( and maybe some other countries ) having economic interests in Pakistan will never allow it to go under.
The hype by our TRP driven media is all empty gas, ' full of sound and fury signifying nothing '.

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