Tuesday 13 September 2016

Where are AAP leaders when Delhi faces chickengunya and dengue ?

I did not wish to to comment on AAP and its leaders any more, firstly because to my mind they are hardly fit to be commented upon, and secondly if I criticize them a furious attack is made on me on the social media by persons, whether hired or not, accusing me of being a BJP or Congress agent.

However, everything has its limits. When I hear of over 2000 cases of chickengunya and dengue in Delhi and many deaths, while AAP leaders are travelling either in Punjab, Goa Chattisgarh or abroad, I am afraid I cannot remain silent. When people of Delhi are suffering, these AAP leaders are out of Delhi or globe trotting at huge expense to the public exchequer, which money comes from taxes paid by the people of Delhi. They are like the Roman Emperor Nero fiddling, while Rome burns

Kejriwal went to Rome and is presently campaigning in Punjab.

Manish Sisodia is presently in Finland. Earlier he had gone to Amsterdam, Brazil, Berlin, London, Rome and Manchester. He was to have stayed in Sao Paulo, Brazil for 1 day, but he reportedly stayed for 9 days, visiting tourist resorts. He overstayed in London too, and took his personal secretary along with him..

Ashish Khetan went to Sweden accompanied by a 4 member delegation, and Satender Jain tagged along with him too.

Satender Jain went to Stockholm taking with him a delegation of several members, including Gopal Rai. At Frankfort he allegedly upgraded his air ticket from business class to first class. He is the Health Minister, but during the dengue and chickengunya crisis he went off to Goa for canvassing ( and perhaps also to visit the beaches ).

Gopal Rai is in Chattisgarh.

All this, particularly foreign trips, must have cost a huge amount of money, and their burden falls on the Delhi public in the form of taxes.

Have these people no shame ? When people in Delhi are suffering from diseases these gentlemen are missing from Delhi. When Manish Sisodia was asked some questions about this by a journalist he scornfully evaded them.

And this is the party which claims to represent the Am Admi, a party whose leaders came to their oath swearing on the metro. Was this not just a drama ? A party whose members consume 1 crore worth of samosas, a party whose Ministers are involved in all kinds of scandals ?

The AAP spokesmen blame the Prime Minister, the LG, and the MCD---anybody but themselves.They say that the LG is everything and they are nothing. If that is so, and they have nothing to do( except travel abroad or to other states ) why do they not resign instead of drawing salaries and living in official accommodation and using official cars, which is a burden on the public ?
AAP leaders have been thoroughly exposed as a bunch of frauds, tricksters, double dealers, deceivers, inveiglers, mountebanks, fakes, humbugs and slick operators, who are expert in corruption, forgery, chicanery, duplicity, artifice, guile, and all kinds of scandals, and whose true face has been now revealed.
Many people, including myself, had earlier been taken in by their pretence and façade, but we have now seen their real colours.

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