Sunday 25 September 2016

The shape of things to come
I can accurately predict the shape of things to come in this sub continent.
Within a few weeks, there will be another strike in Kashmir by militants on our security forces ( whether on our army or para military forces) , leaving many of our men dead and/or injured.
And again our brave Prime Minister will give a fiery public speech denouncing this as a ' cowardly act ', and stating that the perpetrators of this horrible deed will not go unpunished....
This will be followed after a few weeks by an even deadlier strike on our securitymen killing more of our men, and an even more fiery speech by our P.M.
And this beautiful game will go on ad infinitum.
On what basis do I predict this ? Consider the facts ;
1. We have about 500,000 security personnel in J&K. These surely have to sleep, eat, go to ease themselves, etc, and cannot be on guard all the time. Moreover, they are spread out, and cannot possibly be all concentrated at one place.
The militants use the guerilla tactics of hit and run, like the Chinese did in their revolutionary war, or like the Vietnamese in their war against the French and Americans. They carefully study the habits of our securitymen, and then attack when the attack was least expected, like Francis Marion ( known as the Swamp Fox ), or like George Washington's attack on the Hessians after crossing the Delaware . They have the advantage of choosing the time and place of the attack.
2. The Kashmiri militants are getting sophisticated weapons from China, Pakistan being a conduit, just as the Vietnamese were getting weapons from the then Soviet Union and China.
3. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, China has become the second super power in the world. With its huge 3.3 trillion dollars foreign exchange reserve, it is hungrily seeking markets for investment to capture and cheap raw materials for its growing industry, like a typical imperialist power. Its only big rival in Asia is India. So it must destabilize and weaken India, and for that it is using the Kashmiri militants as its pawns, and Pakistan, which has become its surrogate, as a conduit
So Indians, prepare for more strikes which will kill more of our soldiers, and follow Kabir's advice " Jo toko kaanta bowe, tahi tu boye phool ", or Jesus Christ's advice " If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn the other one towards him too ".
And as for fighting back, let the TRP driven media do it for you. They are experts at the game
Hari Om

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