Sunday 11 September 2016

Declare Delhi as a holy city

I request both the Govt. of India and the Delhi Govt. to declare Delhi as a holy city.
My reasons are as follows :

1. Delhi was known as Indraprastha in ancient times, and was the capital of the Pandavas ( Hastinapur in Meerut was the capital of the Kauravas ).

2. The politicians living in Delhi today are all holy men, who are living a pure, honest life while serving the people ( though sometimes they are wrongly defamed by mischievous and evil people, the way Sandeep Kumar, Aseem Ahmed Khan and Tomar have been defamed ). The Central Govt. is run by a holy party, and the state govt. by the most honest party the country has ever seen ( provided you turn a Nelson's eye to all its scandals ).

3. There is an abundance of holy babas here, who give wonderful sermons and solve the people's problems ( including marital problems, e.g. by telling them to eat samosas and pakodas ), and advise people how they can attain moksha.

4. There is a Supreme Court here, whose Judges are really like ancient Rishis who can convert black into white and vice versa, with mere strokes of their pens e.g. the way they converted Article 124 of the Constitution into something miraculous in the second and third Judges cases.

5. There is a fantastic media here,.which provides religious manna to the people in various forms, and is itself one of the opiums of the masses, and is an expert in diverting attention of the people from the real issues to Bollywood, cricket, babas, cheap politics, etc

6. There is a JNU here, whose great revolutionary students will solve all the country's problems by shouting 'halla bol ' and ' azadi '.

7. There has been a victory for the holy ABVP in the recent DUSU elections, and now no doubt
education will become more holy

8. There are numerous astrologers here, doing roaring practice, with many top politicians, administrators, professors, businessmen, etc as their clients

9. Like Lord Shiva, who is called Neelkantha because he swallowed the halahal poison ( which was said to be more lethal than the agent Orange used by Americans in Vietnam ) which came out of the samudramanthan, Delhi swallows up all the shameless vice, corruption, devilry, Machiavellian perfidy, chicanery, unscrupulous skulduggery, hypocrisy, charlatanism and fraud in the country, without batting an eyelid.

10. The All India Muslim Personal Law Board, which is so holy that it will not permit the slightest change in the feudal, outdated Sharia law, including the barbaric practice of triple talaq, is located here.
Hari Om

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