Thursday, 4 June 2015

A National Disgrace

This is a fb message I received from a  Muslim. I do not know what reply to give to him, and can only hang my head in shame. I have deleted his name. I have referred to this problem of Muslims in my speeches in Berkeley and Stanford ( which are on Youtube )

Jun 4th, 5:58am

Sir namaskaar. Mera naam----hai
Sir main apka bahut bara fan hun isliye mai apse apni prblm share kar raha hun.
Sir maine aaj khud ehsas kiya ki ye country Muslim logon ke liye nahin hai.
 Sir maine ek flat rent pe lene k liy advance diya magar jab landlord ko kahin se mera naam pata chala to usne mujhse dus excuses bata kar flat dene se mana kar diya
Is this real india?
I am very disturbed today by this
Is this my fault that i am Muslim ?
Crap people
Plz help me sir


  1. What big this happens with so many people and it happened with mw as well

  2. People consider it racism when such things happen with someone from minority. But in my opinion people (landlords) make their decisions based on their past experiences. Unfortunately in out country there are no agencies available to preform credit history check, employment reference check or criminal record check. So Landlords decide based on their experiences or what they have heard from people. Also as you mentioned many times before, 90% are idiots, so they they are worried that Muslims will cook beef at the property they are renting out. It is just lack of system and some religious foolishness. I also had a similar experience when I was in Uni. I was looking for a room to rent in Chandigarh and a Sikh fellow (I am mentioning his religion to clarify that this incident was not because of racism or religion, and I am also from a Sikh family) agreed to give a room vacant in his house. But when he came to know about my native city, he refused because of his past experience with someone from my distt. I tried to clarify that I am genuine student and he can verify from my collage and my mark sheets etc. But I was shown the door.

    So the point is that when such thing is done by a Hindu to a Muslim or vice-versa. It becomes a religious issue, which is not in most of the cases. Landlords don't have anything to verify other then police verification which is just a joke. Problem is with the system not with the people, so I will suggest that fellow to ignore such things and keep loving our nation. We all will work together to make it perfect.

  3. This is a national issue/problem and until the lost trust is restored,there will not be any change in the situation.