Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Big B's 42nd wedding anniversary

This is why they are called 'presstitutes'. Gen. V.K.Singh was right.

The Indian media deliberately diverts attention of our people from the real problems facing the nation---massive poverty, unemployment ( see my blog 'Unemployment in India' on ), malnutrition ( see my blog ' Malnutrition in India '), lack of healthcare ( see my blog ' Healthcare in India ) and lack of good education, farmers suicides, discrimination against women, minorities and dalits, etc.--towards non issues like lives of film stars, cricket, astrology, babas, cheap politics, etc.

 The whole aim of these presstitutes is to keep the people's attention involved in such non issues so that they forget their miserable socio-economic plight. After all, 90% of the Indian people are idiots, and can easily be taken for a ride.

 A leading Indian newspaper has highlighted the news that today, 3rd June is the 42nd wedding anniversary of Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan. Is this really a  newsworthy item ? How does it concern the Indian masses who are facing terrible hardships ? But no, they are supposed to lap it up, like dogs who are being offered dogfood.

 Hari Om


  1. Sir please deliver your comment on case bajoe emmanual v. St of kerala , popularly known as national antham case....and the implication of ismail faruqui v. UOI case..

  2. Rightly said Sir. Media wants masala so that people can buy it. whether it is celebrity wardrobe malfunction or birthday or other. real news which actually requires more focus will be left in a small box.