Monday, 1 June 2015

Why I do not join politics

Some people ask me why I do not join politics ?

 There are two reasons : (1) If I join politics I will have to become corrupt. Politics has become very expensive in India. An election costs several crores of rupees. It has become a business investment. If a politician spends, say Rs. 10 crores in an election, it is with the intent of making 50 or 100 crores by crooked means if he wins. I have no desire to become corrupt.

(2) Who will vote for me ? Hindus will not, because of my stand against beef ban. Muslims will not because of my stand against burqa and oral talaq. That leaves just about 4% of the population ( Christians, Sikhs, Parsis, etc ) and even they may not vote for me, because of my professed atheism. And lastly,  I will not even get my own vote, since I do not vote.


  1. No one will vote you because you ignore the people who support you even after listening to your crap. Injustice Katju have some kaju cause you have gone retarded .

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  3. Sir, How can you be such a big lier
    During beef ban you said you are a hindu, now you say you are an atheist?
    If you can change religions between posts, what else can you do?

  4. Sir, you will surely get my vote coz I am one of those 95% idiots who regards Truth as the prime virtue of any human being. In my honest opinion you speak and write what you consider as Truthful according to your conscience. Anyone who acts according to his conscience is always Truthful in whatever he says or does. As long as his views or utterances do not harm others he needs to be supported by all right thinking humans and I will definitely vote for you respecting your right to speak the truth according to your conscience. Please do not give up. Kalivaradhan